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To provide a challenging, productive, disciplined, safe and enjoyable working environment with outstanding teaching, learning and involvement for all our students. Students will experience a balance of activities within the curriculum and actively engage in opportunities outside the curriculum so they are inspired and develop a personal commitment to and passion for maintaining health and fitness, happiness and well-being into adult life

This is done through the students’ involvement in:

  • National Curriculum lessons
  • An optional GCSE Physical Education course in Year 10 & 11
  • An optional A Level Physical Education course in Year 12 & 13
  • An optional Sports Leaders Award for sixth form students
  • An optional extra curricular programme, open to all students in all year groups

Key Stage 3 & 4 Activities:       

GCSE Physical Education            Exam Board – OCR

This course is studied over 2 years and is made up of 4 units. In each year students study 5 hours over 2 weeks - 3 theory lessons and 2 practical lessons.

Units 1 & 3 ( theory ) are assessed through 2 one hour external written examinations at the end of Y11.

Units 2 & 4 ( practical performance ) is continually assessed and marks submitted by March of Year 11.

Analysis work ( controlled assessments ) take place during the summer term of Y10 and in the spring term of Y11. Each of these require 7 hours of work – task induction / task research / task production.


  • Unit 1: B451 – Theory: An Introduction to Physical Education (20%)
  • Unit 2: B452 – Practical Performance and Analysis 1 (30%)
  • Unit 3: B453 – Theory: Developing Knowledge in Physical Education (20%)
  • Unit 4: B454 – Practical Performance and Analysis 2 (30%)

A-Level Physical Education           Exam Board - AQA

In Y12 students cover the AS course and can then complete the A level in Y13. In total it is made up of 4 units. The course has 5 hours a week teaching time, 4 hours theoretically based and one practical, linked to the performance units.


AS – Unit 1 - Opportunities for and the effects of leading a healthy and active                                 lifestyle

        Unit 2 – Analysis and evaluation of physical activity as a performer and/or                            adopted roles

A2 – Unit 3 – Optimising performance and evaluating contemporary issues within                          sport

       Unit 4 – Optimising practical performance in a competitive situation


Units 1 and 3 – Written examination – 2 hour paper

Units 2 and 4 – Practical internal assessment with external moderation

Entry Requirements

Grade C or above in GCSE Physical Education Theory or Grade C or above in GCSE Biology

Community Sports Leaders Award

This course is provided as part of the Sixth Form enrichment programme and is timetabled on a Wednesday afternoon.

The CSLA award uses the medium of sport to help people learn to lead. Participants learn the essential skills of leadership; communication, organization, motivation, in addition to developing confidence and self-belief. The course content and experiences that students obtain from undertaking either of these leadership courses stands them in good stead for their future careers, both in and out of sport. 

Extra Curricular:

The department offers a wide range of extra curricular activities before school, at break and lunchtime, after school and at weekends. A programme of activities is offered every half term and all students are encouraged to get involved and enjoy the activities – whatever their level of ability is.  Silverdale enters local and national leagues and tournaments in the majority of activities and so there is a busy programme of fixtures.

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