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The Performing Art department aims to ignite a lifelong passion for the subject. We want students to be free to explore creatively above and beyond their expectations and challenge their own ideas with that of their peers. Our goal is to promote interest in the arts whilst developing lasting skills to carry them through into their chosen futures. The Performing Arts department offers a wide variety of extra-curricular programmes that change throughout the year in order to engage students from all different cohorts. All pupils will be given every opportunity to develop their skills and talents via the curriculum and extra-curricular courses.

Key Stage 3:

Student in year 7 to 9 will study a wide range of Music styles and themes

  • Year 7 -  Bridging the Gap, Storytelling, Band Performances (The Beatles), Fanfare, Sea Shanties, Chromaticism
  • Year 8 – Ground Bass, Band Performances (Modern Pop), Blues, Song Writing, Performance Skills
  • Year 9 – Reggae, EDM, Performance Skills, Music in Media, Band Performances, Free Choice Assessment

Key Stage 4:


In GCSE Music students learn to :

  • Compose their own music in a variety of different styles.
  • Perform music on a chosen instrument, voice or technology, both as a soloist and with others in an ensemble.
  • Listen to and begin to understand music in different styles, from different countries and cultures including Pop, Rock & Jazz, Classical, Modern and World music.
  • Learn about two set works from either The Western Classical Tradition 1650-1910, Popular Music, Traditional Music, The Western Classical Tradition since 1910

Structure of the course:

Component One – Listening and Understanding Music

Component Two – Performing Music

Component Three – Composing Music

Students choose Music GCSE as an option have:

  • An interest and enthusiasm for music.
  • An open mind and creative imagination.
  • An ability to enjoy making music by either using an instrument, your voice or music technology such as sequencing and recording software.
  • An ability to work independently and with others.
  • A real interest in listening and appraising different styles of music
  • A committed approach to attending and actively participating in the department’s extended-curricular programme.

Students are offered instrumental lessons at Silverdale. We have 9 members of peripatetic instrumental staff. 5 of our teachers are from The Sheffield Music Hub along with 4 private teachers.

Extra-curricular - The Music department offers a wide range of extra-curricular on a rolling schedule.




Grade 5 Theory / String Group


Boys Choir


Girls’ Choir


KS4 Choir / Guitar Group


Orchestra / Ukulele Group

School Production: Coming Soon…. Bugsy Malone!


Sheffield Music Hub