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Design and Technology


Our aim is to guide pupils in making informed decisions about Design and Technology related concepts and issues. We endeavour to broaden the young minds of our pupils with challenging and enjoyable lessons and projects, which give pupils the chance to create realistic, personalised products.

Our specialist team of teachers and technicians are passionate about their teaching and subject, welcoming new technologies as well as respecting the traditional methods of the past. Our unique style of teaching and assessment within Key Stage 3 allows pupils to make rapid progress, and a rich and diverse Key Stage 4 and 5 offering our pupils pathways into the increasingly expanding world of technology.

Key Stage 3:

In years 7 to 9 pupils will study a broad range of Design and Technology including:

  • Product design including projects such as Video game console design.
  • Food, nutrition and International cuisine including a competitive Masterchef element.
  • Graphic Design featuring projects focussing on branding and popular music.
  • STEM enriched projects encompassing elements of aerodynamics and flight.
  • Textiles and Fashion projects allowing students to create their own contemporary clothing.
  • Electronics using cutting edge PIC programing technology.
  • CAD oriented projects that produce real, useable products.


Key Stage 4:

Pupils who opt for Design and Technology in KS4 will study the AQA GCSE specification. The 4 main options include:

GCSE Resistant Materials - Resistant Materials Technology is the design and making of products using a range of materials such as wood, metals and plastics and will be encouraged to incorporate new technologies in the production of their products.

GCSE Graphic ProductsGraphic Products enables students to develop products using a range of graphic and modelling materials and new technologies.

GCSE Food - Food Technology allows students to demonstrate their creativity when making food products as well as to gain an understanding of food science and nutrition.

GCSE Textiles - Textiles Technology enables students to develop a working knowledge of a wide range of textiles materials and components appropriate to modelling, prototyping and manufacturing. Students will learn about design and market influences, processes and manufacture, environmental issues and the use of ICT in relation to the manufacturing of material products.

Assessment at KS4:

Currently all GCSE course are split with 60% controlled assessment and 40% exam. The controlled assessment lasts for approximately 1 year leaving time either side for mini projects as well as examination theory.

Key Stage 5:

At Key Stage 5 pupils can opt to study the OCR Product Design course. This is a hugely successful course split into 4 units over the 2 years of study. They include;

Year 12

Product Study 60% – A self guided E-Portfolio project whereby pupils choose a product to study and redesign and element of it resulting in a final 3D prototype of their new concept.

Innovation Challenge 40% - A full 1 day practical exam that gives pupils the opportunity to showcase their creativity whilst solving a number of design challenges.

Year 13

Design and Make – 60% - A self guided project that offers pupils the opportunity to design a product of their choice and make a fully working prototype.

Final Exam – 40% - A traditional 2 hour exam that brings together all aspects of the course.

Enrichment and Extra Curricular:

We offer a variety of extra-curricular activities and after school clubs including:

  • Textiles Club
  • Food Club
  • STEM club
  • Jamie Oliver Home cooking course (Enrichment)


GCSE Course Specifications –

A-Level Product Design Specifications –