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Computer Science


The Computer Science department aim to inspire pupils to develop their creativity in all forms of digital communication and technology. We strive to provide outstanding quality education and lifelong skills for students in the ever-changing and challenging global environment of the 21st century. All pupils are given the skills and confidence to become independent learners with excellent ICT skills for a life in the digital age.

Key Stage 3:

Throughout years 7 - 9 pupils will study elements in:

E-Safety, Presentational skills in various Microsoft applications Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Data. Programing in both object based programs such as Scratch and flowol as well as text based ones, Python. Video editing. How to use the various tools within CS4 such as Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver and html. App design and robotics and general use of

Key Stage4:

Pupils opting to take ICT at KS4 will have a choice between OCR Computing or AQA ICT GCSE specifications.

In OCR Computing you will study 3 units:

Unit1 A451: In this unit pupils will study 7 elements that consist of, Fundamentals of Computer Systems, Computer Hardware, Software, Representing Data, Databases, Computer Communication and Hardware and Programing.

Unit2 A452: Practical Investigation: An investigative computing task, chosen from a list provided by OCR.

Unit3 A453: Programing Project: Students will need to: Understand standard programming techniques and be able to design a coded solution to a problem.

AQA ICT you will study 3 units:

Unit 1: Systems and Applications in ICT: is split into 3 question based Sections:

Unit 2: Applying ICT: Provided by AQA, candidates will be asked to solve one or more tasks requiring independent use of ICT.

Unit 3: Practical Problem Solving in ICT:

Assessment at KS4: Unit 1 is a knowledge based 1 hour 30 minute written exam worth 40% of the GCSE course. Unit 2 and 3 are controlled practical problem solving assessment. Each unit being worth 30% of the course. The first controlled assessment unit will take place during the autumn term with the second in the spring term of year 11. Pupils will have 25 hours for each task.


Key Stage 5:

In AS you will study 2 Units:

G061: Information, Systems and Applications (External) Topics covered in this unit: data, information, knowledge and processing; software and hardware components

G062: Structured ICT Tasks (Coursework) Candidates have the opportunity to explore design, software development, testing and documentation.

In A2 Level you will study 2 Units:

G063: ICT Systems, Applications and Implications (External) In this unit candidates gain an understanding of the systems cycle; of information based systems, networks and implications of ICT.

G064: ICT Project (Coursework) Candidates explore definition, investigation and analysis; design; software development, testing and implementation; documentation and evaluation through a client-driven project.