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Outstanding Achievement for All

Learning support & inclusion

Students of differing abilities and backgrounds get on outstandingly well. Adults expect and trust students to be good ambassadors for the academy and are rarely, if ever, disappointed. This is seen in lessons and during break times. It is also seen in the relationships between students from the main academy and those from the specialist resource unit who regularly spend break times and lessons in the main school building. In this way, the academy prepares students exceptionally well for life in a multicultural, democratic society by promoting respect and tolerance, and the importance of British values. OFSTED 2014


Meet the team

The inclusion team work closely together to provide the highest standard of support to the students at Silverdale. The team is built up of many different skill sets and strengths; by working together the inclusion team have helped many past and current students. The inclusion team like to have good relationships with the parents of Silverdale students, so we can keep them up to date with all the progress that is made.

“Like most parents I was very anxious about my son making such a big leap from junior to secondary school! But we had lots of positive visits and all the staff gave me and my son the confidence and reassurance needed to take that step. The transition to sccondary went really well and he is now really happy and has settled in well!”